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Yuvraj bashing ponting

Yuvraj bashing ponting
You can see the Happiness in Yuvraj's eye but desperation in Ponting.This is the hard fact of life. Let us accept it. The pix is also very much humorous.

Saturday Sunday Holiday ....... LOVELY Platinum Days

Lovely platinum days are those when you are in love with your sweetheart and you are ready to do anything for the sake of her. You are ready to buy anything she wishes for. Platinum shine is better than that of a Gold or be it anyother metal. Platinum increases the prestige of a person. Platinum is good for all ages.Platinum day is the day when a sweetheart proposes his sweetpie that he is in love with her and that he expresses that there is nothing in this world which is precious than her. This is not flattery but true. Platinum days are those when the girl is truely in love with her man and will find it difficult for her to live this world without him. Platinum day are those when a child gifts his mother with a solitaire diamond ring in platinum. Platinum days are all the nostalgic days of our life which we find it very hard to forget for any instance.

There will always be testing times in life but don't get disheartened by that.

                  Like Oprah Winfrey speaks to all her guests in her show,She speaks to the guests in her show and really makes the world and the society as a whole to understand  what life is.The sufferings that people undergo during the time of weakness.The weakness can be in the form of disease,abnormality,physical incapabilities,racism,criminal family history and so on. She makes the world understand that these people are the same human beings as we are and even they share the same pain as we do.There are no super humans on this earth who can defy the law of nature that is we are not immortals. We are all mortals we should try to do less sins before we die.There is no human being on earth who has not committed even a single sin.
      Happiness is not forever there will be testing times in the life of the people when he undergoes a state of depression and dilemma. The person will be in the state where in he cannot differentiate between what is good and what is bad.There will be times where in even the person has done something good but the society finds that he has done something wrong.  Don't get bogged down by such irrational thoughts always be positive.Positivity,hard work and self belief are the stepping stone of ones success.Success is not hard to achieve but it takes persistent effort. Like what Mr Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple computers.The great personality even after getting fired from his previous employer he is one of the wealthiest person in the world and even during his college his college days he didn't even have enough money for his studies and accommodations.Be startled to see that such a person is one of the worlds richest person.No person has become famous or be it wealthy by not committing any mistake at all.So failures are the stepping stones of our  success if we are going to learn out of it.Bad times are nothing but lessons free of cost learn out of it don't you just shy away out of it. 

Going after personal gains is not the means of Life it makes your life futile and the life of the person next to you even worse.

           God has given us mind and body so as to enjoy and fulfil our desires on Earth. But money is not the only avenue for contentment of our desires. There are far more things on this Earth than just money and other intrinsic desires which soothes the sensory organs of our body. To reach a sense of nirvana hard work  and being benevolent in the needs and deeds of others  is the only means. A person will feel a sense of security if he is not after personal gains.
          What does a person need. He needs food,shelter,clothes and certain other necessary items required for official and household use. He can accumulate money only for his day to day needs,basic needs in fact. But the trend of the modern world is changing it is far more materialistic and there is still never ending voracious demands which is killing the mother Earth and making her barren and with no resources for the next generation. Bolivia is the first country to pass the nature law which prohibits the meddling with the nature. The law sees to that there is a balance between the human beings and the nature.Pure water, Pure air and restraint on industries are some of the policies under this. It also includes the right for all living beings on this earth to sustain.
         A human being will only reach a state of nirvana only if he is not after personal gains.The mayhem, the type of disturbance in a city is so annoying and painful that a contemporary person will die within he reaches forty of age.Infertility,Diabetes. Blood pressure, Myopia. Osteoporosis.Hypermetropia,and other deadly diseases are so common amongst youngsters living in a city. The same disease you can hardly find in a countryside where people are less urbanised and are hard working for long hours .They eat healthy natural food and the water is crystal clear pure unlike in a city where the water is polluted and people eat junk food all the time.
         Urbanisation is equivalent to personal gains. People throng into cities hoping that they can reach their goal by hook or by crook.If things don't work out in the legally for them they can go to the extent of looting and killing of innocent people ultimately stating that the society has done nothing to them. A live example was what had happened in london just a couple of weeks ago causing large scale vandalism of public property and killing of innocent people.
      Life is life only if we lead it healthily. Youngsters go a step ahead of drinking,smoking, substance abuse.adultery and other immoral things at such a young age. Such things should be banned from the society.It is understood that no human is perfect and all are sinners. But there are hazards of the society caused because of urbanisation and materialism as a whole.
    A person is good only when is leading a simple and healthy life.There is saying that we must eat to live rather than live to eat.Buy things which are only needed for the moment. Stop buying unwanted things which are not needed at all. This will bring about a huge change on this Earth and will make Earth a better place to live for everyone.

We only live once, and all the moments and experiences in life are precious.

We human beings are born in this world naked at the time of birth. When we die we are "naked"(without anything) meaning whatever we earn in this world are ephemeral. God has given us life to enjoy each and every moment in this life. The growth in our body and each and every chemical component is gained from the mother earth. What we eat is what we are. Every moment is what we live.We learn through the experience that we go through in our life. The experience can be sweet or it can be bitter. A person is mature enough to understand life only when he understands that life is a composition of both good and the bad. We understand that sweet moments and moments in which we made a gain monetarily are the best moments of our life. But even the bitter moments are stepping stones some times. Bitter moments will help us to understand not to commit the same mistake again in life.
When somebody troubles us we should convince the person that what he has done is not right.We shouldn't go for tit for tat kind of a response. When great bit of damage has been done verbally or even physically we got to remember that if we counteract there will be great bit of loss on both sides. So it is better to run off from the scene and take the situation with a pinch of salt.Enjoy life as it comes because every moment we live is every moment we enjoy. There is happiness in smaller things as well. We should take life as it comes. When we find happiness in even the smaller things then only life can be a bliss. Unwanted tensions in mind regarding unwanted things are usually useless. We are all the children of God,We are the sons and daughters of God. We are his creations. Live the moment happily and live and let live.

"Idle Mind is Devil's workshop".So beware of this.

We know that in the contemporary world it is hard to survive. The sentence survival of the fittest holds good here. Education is of prime most importance. To add to that skill set is of very much importance.There is a lot of hiring,firing going on in todays scenario.To add to this we have the attrition rate.
Think for a moment that even after working hard for the organization, the person is fired from the organisation. The person has been persistently looking out for a good job but in vain. Life gets berserk with this.At this point of time he should not lose his patience.Keep your mind in peace and serenity.Indulge in some kind of an activity which can bring peace to your mind.Like gardening,reading books,watching movies,going out for a stroll around areas where in you can find the boulevard or the monuments.But always remember that keep your mind indulged in some kind of a job or activity. Because an idle mind can turn into a devilish kind of a mind. Where in you can't bring back the mind into some kind of a control.So the market is not devoid of jobs. It is all about having the skills which matters.Develop the skills and get into a good job. Remember that money is not the motto of life.But at some point it really matters. When the person is finding it difficult to get the job it is better to get into a job which is available.Never think like it is the end of the road. Always there is way and the way has to be found out.So keep thinking positively.

Life is like a spinning coin in air, when it rests it can either be heads or tails but not both at the same time.

When a coin is tossed in the air,You know that it can either show tails or heads but not both the faces.Hold on take a deep breathe, Life is the same.Indubitably you can denote tails as happiness and heads to failures or desperations of life.Undoubtedly it can't be same all the time.Two faces will not be shown at the same. So it might be heads or tails at one time.
So think that life is full of happiness. If life is full of happiness your mind will get depressed. Our mind also needs occasional stress factor to keep the mind balanced.So happiness and desperation at different time can bring about a balance in the mind.If there is only happiness in life,life will get bored. And even learn to find happiness during times of hopelessness. Almighty will definitely reward you for your patience and the pain that you have taken. Ultimately pain taken to do the rightful thing will be rewarded but time matters and don't ever expect it.Expectation will make life miserable. Just do what you think is legally right and brings about productivity. Your success is in you,No one can make anyone successful except for himself. He is the artist of his fate and destiny. Think positive and control your mind. Be yourself definitely you are going to succeed. The world has seen all kind of characters and personalities but you are different justify it to the world...................

There will be nostalgic days as well as days that you would like to forget in life.

It is a general practice that in all of the families people have nice spicy food first and after having the food they have sweet meats.They might have ice creams,or even sweet hot porridges and puddings.This,according to mythology keeps the man fit. Similarly we got to eat sour as well bitter foods.It is also recommended to have seasonal fruits. All these factors leads to healthy living along with a little bit of exercise and good thoughts.
Similarly in life there will be days were in we will be giving our full potential to get things done.Like for example you might have studied well for the exam but you have failed to secure good marks.Don't let this feeling get on your nerves. It is just one of the days where in your hardships has not got converted to desired results.
Just shy away from such thoughts.Past is in the past,we can't get it to future.What we have to concentrate is on present and the future. To prepare for the present you got to think about the future and schedule accordingly.If you are adept in doing so then nothing can stop you from getting what you have in your mind. Failure come to make you even more stronger,to get you fully equipped to face the future.Just probe the reason for the failure. Find out the black marks and just prepare for the next step in life.When good things happen to us we don't tend to remember those days.It is only the negative thoughts that we have in our mind.Just wash off all such thoughts and focus on the present and the future.Be optimistic.The future awaits you.For every good days in life there will be bad days as well.Bad days will make you fail in life but your patience will pay off and you will be fully equipped to face the future. Don't be disappointed.Always be happy,smiling and thinking positive in all circumstances.Don't be bewildered,but be bedazzled.Take care.